EOG General Secretary prepares to recruit successor


The European Outdoor Group (EOG) has confirmed that its General Secretary Mark Held has signalled his intention to stand down from the role.  Held will lead the process of recruiting his successor and will remain in the position to manage the transition.

Mark Held co-founded the European Outdoor Group with Rolf Schmid in 2003, bringing together 19 of the world’s biggest outdoor companies, all of which recognised the need to collaborate on key issues that affect the industry.  The EOG now has 97 full members and 10 associate members, including brands, retailers, technology brands and national associations, with representation from throughout Europe.

The association focuses on a range of major projects, including: the coordination and control of the OutDoor trade fair; helping the industry to improve approaches to sustainability and responsibility; delivering industry leading market research and insight; pushing the outdoor sector agenda with European policy makers and in representative bodies such as the Federation of European Sporting Goods Industries; and the promotion of outdoor participation through the foundation of the It’s Great Out There Coalition.  The EOG also founded the European Outdoor Conservation Association and continues to support the organisation.

In 2005, Mark Held took over responsibility for managing the EOG as its General Secretary and has remained in that position since then, now leading a team of seven employees.  He has made the decision that it is time for a change and will work closely with the EOG Board to recruit the association’s next General Secretary.

Mark Held comments:
„The first thing to say is that this has been in planning for some time now and for the EOG it is crucial that we manage the transition phase in a measured and controlled manner.  So, there is no panic, no rush, and we will be taking our time to ensure that we find an outstanding candidate to take over as General Secretary.  I will remain in charge of the organisation during this period and once we have found and appointed my successor, I will also be on hand to support the transition.  Ultimately, my commitment to the success of the EOG is as strong as ever and I’m excited at the prospect of new ideas coming into the organisation”

John Jansen, the EOG’s President, adds:
„Mark has been instrumental in driving the EOG’s ambitious agenda and while we as a Board regret that this time has come, we are grateful for the continued commitment Mark has to the association and his unwavering support during this process.  Leading the EOG’s secretariat is quite a challenge and needs someone of considerable knowledge and diplomatic ability, but we are sure that this person exists and we look forward to hearing from candidates who believe that they have the capability of delivering this rewarding and exciting role.”

If you would like further information on the work of the EOG, or are interested in discussing the role, then please contact Mark at mark.held@europeanoutdoorgroup.com.