Latest EOG research reveals encouraging outdoor market growth during 2016

The European Outdoor Group (EOG) has released the latest results from its State of Trade market research programme, which show that the European outdoor market grew by 3.0% in value and 3.4% in volume during 2016.  The outdoor market was worth €5.47bn at wholesale in 2016, with an estimated retail value of €11.5bn.  The growth represents a significant improvement on 2015 and demonstrates that the sector is continuing to perform well.  State of Trade uses data from 115 brands from across Europe, analysing sell-in information for seven main categories and 48 separate sub-categories.  The State of Trade 2016 results provide a positive contrast to the 2015 results, which saw very modest growth of 1.4% in value and 0.8% in volume.  During 2016, an extra 6.9m units were sold-in to retail across Europe.

Category development
A more detailed analysis of the figures shows variances in the development of different categories.  There was strong growth in apparel (4.2% in value, 6.3% in volume), climbing equipment (4.4% in value, 3.5% in volume), accessories (3.5% in value, 3.1% in volume), and backpacks and luggage (5.3% in value, 2.6% in volume).  Growth slowed in footwear after several buoyant years, and also slowed in tents and sleeping bags.  However, the three continue to be solid and significant categories within the overall outdoor market place.

Countries and regions
Regions reported in State of Trade are defined by geography and climate, rather than any other considerations.  The 2016 figures show healthy growth in value in most regions.  GAS grew by 3%, the UK and Benelux grew by 3.1%, Southern (including Spain, Italy and France) grew by 2.5%, Eastern Europe grew by 2.1%, and Scandinavia grew by 3%.

Pauline Shepherd, head of market research at the EOG, comments:
„Once again, State of Trade has delivered invaluable and detailed insight into the health of the outdoor sector in Europe.  The top line figures paint a more positive picture for 2016 compared to the previous year, with healthy growth in most categories and geographical areas.  There was good performance in both summer and winter seasons, with winter in particular recovering well after two difficult years.  As always, we are grateful for the input of EOG members and other brands that have contributed to State of Trade, allowing us to deliver this benchmark study in time for OutDoor.”

To find out more about the EOG’s market research programme, contact or call Pauline Shepherd on +44 (0) 7798 668999